The weekend following our CIM Annual Canoe Trip, Britt and I went out to a part of Algonquin we had yet to explore, Access Point 3. The problem in Algonquin is there are only two access points with canoe rentals (Canoe Lake and Opeongo), so if your car won’t haul a canoe, you’re a bit limited. Fortunately, Chris at Trailside Adventure Co. in Kearney hooked us up with a solid rental and had it waiting at the access point for us for a small fee.

Our trip started along the Magnetewan River, south-east along the Petawawa River and into Misty Lake for Day 1. Algonquin Park’s website informed us that the Petawawa was low, but passable. I’d put more stock in the low than the passable. Beaver dams and heaving dragging resulted in plenty of river-walking and a limited amount of photo taking. Thunderstorm rolled in across the lake that night, but things were dry in the tent.

Day 2, a bit of back-tracking and off to Little Trout Lake. A solid 2.4KM portage along the way, but the level terrain is welcome and makes it go by quick. We had it done in an hour with only one trip. Campsite by 3PM that day, but only 2 sites left on the whole lake by that point. Not much evening light on that side of the lake, but a great sunset lighting up the clouds.

Day 3, mostly paddling across a headwind on Ralph Bice Lake. The end of the 435M portage as well as the spot we stopped for lunch had some incredibly shallow, sandy beaches. A few minutes to stop and enjoy them, as well as make a few photos.


That beach looks so sick!

Brittney A. Filek-Gibson

Mike Last not only took photos, but wrote words…who knew. Good post, dear…

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