On the 26th my girlfriend decided we needed to check out the Great Salt Lake. She wanted to know just how salty it was. A quick drive up I-15 and over to the causeway to Antelope Island and I was able to check it out. The lake has a 24% salinity content, which makes it more buoyant than the ocean. It tastes an awful lot like salt, more-so than the ocean that’s for sure. I expect to make a trip back here for a sunset in the summer.

White Rock Bay
Road from White Rock Bay
Abundant Color Changes
Antelope Do Live Here
Buffalo Live Here Too

The Causeway has an unreal number of bugs/sand flies around it. Most of this was picked up in that 2 mile stretch of road.
Road Kill


Thanks for the info! Your Photo’s, Blog and genrerosity are an inspiration.
I’m checking out those lights!


Hey Charline, thanks for checking out my site.
Yes I picked up an Elinchrom RX AS setup over the Profoto 7B. Both systems have their perks. The Profoto modifier system works better than the Elinchrom system, but the Elinchrom has a faster flash duration at full power and a cheaper price. The Elinchrom also weighs about 9 lbs less… anything to save weight when you’ve got to carry it on your back.

Hi Mike,
Your pictures look great!
You mentioned that you had bought some new lighting. How do you like it compared to the Pro7b system?
What was it that you bought?
Thanks for a great blog!

I meant to tell you that I flew over Antelope Island when I was leaving yesterday and the colors from the Camera Flats side (where we didn’t quite get to) were amazing. I don’t know how much of it you’ll be able to see from the ground and we definitely hit the side with the better view, but you should check it out. And show me pictures…

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