Spent last weekend just off Georgian Bay in beauty Collingwood. Drove up mid day Friday for a two night stay at the Weston Trillium Resort. Perfect sunny day when we arrived, should have known it wouldn’t last. Grabbed some Creemore’s and got settled into our room, spec’d out what to do during our stay. I was hoping to get a day of downhill mountain biking in, but that wasn’t to be. Woke up Saturday morning to a thick fog and light mist, but electric greens in the trees. The bike trails were closed so the hiking boots were on and F-Stop Satori was loaded up. Decided on the Cascade Trail as it was the closest trail head to the hotel. Lucky guess for sure. Only passed one other person on the trail, but awesome water flows the whole way down. The thick fog made for some awesome photos the whole way up and on the summit. Note for anyone hiking Blue… free rides down the Gondola if you hike to the top.

On the road home from Blue, decided to take the long way and check out Eugenia Falls. Not many vantage points of the falls from the top that don’t include trees. Time for some rock climbing lessons so I can get to the bottom.