On my quest to get all sorts of photos I would never see in Ontario, I took an evening hike up to Cecret (or Secret) Lake in the Albion Basin at Alta. An awesome spot, and the hike up is only 30 minutes and fairly easy to do.

I knew something was up when the parking lot was full at 6pm on a Tuesday night. Turns out there were a lot of people up there already, or on their way up. Not ideal for shooting landscape photos, but it was only 30 minutes, no big loss. I was sure as the sun started setting, people would be heading home.

On the way up, I heard rushing water coming from the side of the trail… gotta check it out. Snow in July, Utah is awesome for that.

Another 10 minutes from that spot and I’d made it to the top. Turns out there was a god damn frenzy of people up there. Little kids screaming at the top of their lungs, middle-aged women with bottles of wine, teenagers throwing rocks at the water… all the good stuff you need for landscape photos. So here I am standing on a small rock in the lake, when some kid asks me to move so he can catch salamanders. Hmm… ok, I’ll indulge this for a few minutes. I ask him to watch out for the camera. No such luck… child starts bumping into my lens and almost knocks the tripod and camera in to the lake. Wicked. Alright kid, I’m Kenny Powers, and you’re fuckin’ out!


Thanks for getting outta the way, back to making some bangers.

People finally left, so I hiked up higher to catch the sunset as it was going down over the mountains.

MLP-CecretLake-1144 MLP-CecretLake-1165 MLP-CecretLake-1178MLP-CecretLake-1183MLP-CecretLake-1223MLP-CecretLake-1230MLP-CecretLake-1248

And time for the road home with a bit of sun left in the sky.

Finally, I passed a bull moose and a family of 3 deer on the way home, but the light was gone. I guess I’ll have to visit them another day.


Beautiful Mike! I can’t even choose a favorite. You are truly amazing with your machine!! I am awed.

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