I met Dave in 2003 at Camp Huronda. I’ve seen him star in roles from Shrek’s The Gingerbread Man right through to MacGyver. He went on to get a nursing degree, but still came back to camp to work on the medical team. This is where he would meet Beth, a dietician on the med team. Eventually Dave and Beth got engaged and Dave convinced her to move up to Moose Factory, ON. Where’s that you ask? Well, just keep going north in Ontario until you hit James Bay, at the bottom of Hudson’s bay. 8 hours from Toronto to Cochrane, 5 hours by train, and a quick freighter canoe ride and you’ve made it to this incredible place on the edge of the Ontario wilderness. This love for the outdoors and traveling was apparent throughout their wedding and I wish them all the best. They keep saying it’s even better in winter, I might just have to go back!



Beth: You look absolutely beautiful. The(D (

Beautiful and Unique photos.

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