Engagement sessions? Stress free. The wedding day? Always a bit stressful, but a number of key moments available to capture and find a timeless image. A proposal? Nothing will ever prepare you for the stress of your first proposal. When Jordan told me he wanted to propose to his girlfriend and have someone there to capture it, I immediately welcomed the challenge – but nothing could prepare me for the anxiety. With his family cottage just up the road, Harbourview Park and the gazebo at the end of the walkway held a special meaning for the couple. After some covert planning, Google Maps diagrams, posing as a bird photographer down the path, the minutes before the big moment were one of the most stressful moments I’ve faced as a photographer, and I wasn’t even the one asking someone to marry me. To be safe, we setup a second angle of the big moment just in case of a blocked view, but that angle ended up being blocked by the gazebo post. That’s why we have backups. With our down to the minute schedule we were able to pull off this stunning series with Sarah not having a hint of suspicion. We wish this happy couple all the best.

In to position, perfect timing.

Uh oh, this doesn’t look good.

There we go!

Cover blown.

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