Our good friends Kailee and Jamie were married August 21st in Thornbury, ON. Thornbury is located on the shores of Georgian Bay, 20 minutes outside of Blue Mountain, making my job pretty easy. Cottage country at its finest. I’ve known Kailee since 2004, working at Camp Huronda with her and 75% of her bridal party. Kailee was in charge of the horses my entire time there, and her love for them certainly hasn’t dwindled over time. She wanted a photo in her riding boots at the start of the day, but felt so comfortable in them, she was easily persuaded to leave them on. All well and good until the dancing started and it was Jamie’s job to pry them off. Cedar Run Horse Park was our venue for the day, providing an amazing backdrop despite some adverse weather scattered throughout the day. We all worked around the weather and came out with some great photos and a slightly muddy wedding dress. A great time with everyone involved, and a big thanks to Kailee and Jamie for including me in their big day.


Aunt Jude with the whale jokes! Appreciate the compliments. I’m sure I can post a few more… eventually there will be an online gallery (not here) with all of the photos of the wedding, and Kailee and Jamie will likely give that out to friends and family.

Hi Mike, I’m Jamie (and now Kailee’s) aunt Jude (I was MC at the wedding). These pictures are fabulous! Beautiful! Artistic! Sweet! Hilarious! You get it…I’m running out of adjectives. I love them. Can we see more or would we have to nail Jamie and Kailee down to get the rest?

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