Nothing scientific about this test. Set D800 to RAW, shoot photos, bring into LR4, turn off sharpening, and crop a ridiculous portion of the frame. When they enhance the images on CSI, I might just believe them if it was shot on a D800.

First photo is the only one with curves applied. It was shot with the older 28-70mm f2.8 AFs, everything else was an older 300mm f2.8 AF-s v1.

Some quick points:
– A 14-bit RAW file is between 48-52 megs.
– A 16 GB card shows 200 available photos.
– The viewfinder is all kinds of awesome.
– Dynamic range from highlights to shadows is stellar.
– Button spacing for the DoF Preview and Func. button is much closer, and therefore much better than the D700.
– The bracketing button is back on the top which was a pain with the D700.
– The AF selector switch has a push button + cycle with rear menu to go from AF-S to AF-C. The D700 had all 3 points in one switch. Seems like an odd choice.
– That same selector is used to choose between 3D Tracking, 51 point, 21 point, and so on. Actually had to read the manual for that. I guess Nikon had to make room for the liveview switch.

Will hopefully have it in the studio against an H4D-40 later this week.

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