On March 24th, Quiksilver held their 9th annual Downlow snowboard competition at Mount St. Louis Moonstone. Craig Burley put in some serious time and came out with another incredible course to cap off the season. From a 58ft jump over a quarter pipe to a 60ft booter flowing into a massive hip… riders were ready for action.

The Gear

– Hasselblad H4D-60
– Hasselblad 28mm F/4 HC
– Hasselblad 80mm F/2.8 HC
– Hasselblad 150mm F/4 HC
Broncolor Move 1200L with Broncolor MobiLED head. P50 reflector.

With the Hasselblad H4D-60, we were able to use the leaf shutter lenses to sync at 1/800 sec, helping to dial back the ambient light and allow for the nice dark blue skies. The Broncolor Move 1200 did the rest of the work, freezing the riders and filling in the shadows.

Thanks to Headshots Rentals for supplying the Hasselblad gear.

Behind the Scenes | Film: Hank Devos | Edit: Mike Last

The Photos

Kevin Konings
Coulton Conway
Jack Daniel Bernstein and Kevin Konings
Craig Burley
Dave Janovjak
Cam Spalding – Youngest Competitor on the Day – 8 Years Old
Jack Daniel Bernstein
Christian Primrose
Adam Carmichael
Kyle Taylor (R) Keepin’ Score

Christian Primrose – On his way to the first Triple Cork in an Ontario competition.
Kevin Konings – Huge Method over Coldwater below.
Andrew Rusk – Big Method on the Spine
Craig Burley – Park Builder – Taking a minute to enjoy his handywork.
Sean Grabowski
Brady Swartz
Matt Bujok
Matt Bujok
Christian Primrose
Cam Spalding – 8 Years Old

SBC Event Recap Video | Film/Edit: Andrew Wyton

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