Sometimes, actually most of the time, pushing the snooze button seems like a better idea than getting up at 5:30am. It takes a hell of a lot of self-convincing that getting out of bed is actually going to pay off this time. Check the weather on some half-ass 3G network, arm held to the sky hoping for that extra bar, still bleary eyed. Once you finally do roll out of bed, a quick walk to the window gives a better idea of what’s in store. The sun is just coming up, but there is enough light to know it’s not raining and there is fog on the lake. Good enough. Grab a coffee, the camera bag and a fishing rod. Stroll down to the lake, put in the canoe and it’s time to start the commute. No traffic jams, just a smooth lake and some effortless paddling through the fog. Arrive at your destination, shoot some photos, cast the line and watch as the sun comes over the trees. Definitely worth getting up today.

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