When Cataline reached out about his wedding, he didn’t have a venue locked down. However, he knew who he would be marrying, he knew the date and he knew it would be taking place in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. “I realize that I can get someone local… or I can perhaps have Mike Last work his magic… which I would be thrilled with!” Hard to argue with that level of confidence and the opportunity to travel to the Eastern shores of Canada for the first time.

A few months and a short flight later, we had reached Halifax and drove the Lighthouse Route along the coast to Liverpool. Fortunately these lighthouses and small fishing marinas continued right down the coast to the Mersey River, the backdrop for this stunning backyard wedding. With some time between the ceremony and formals, we made it to Western Head Lighthouse and Moose Harbour to create a gorgeous set of photos for the happy new couple. The rest of the night we enjoyed a BBQ feast under the big tent and dancing beneath the starts by the campfire.

Handwritten wedding sign in Liverpool, Nova Scotia Makeup artist Elle Munster preparing bridesmaid for wedding Father of the bride prepares sign for wedding in Liverpool, Nova Scotia Bride sees wedding dress on front porch of century home. Wedding dress hanging on covered porch of century home in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Groomsmen shovelling snow into a canoe for beers. Wedding rings and earrings in gold glass box with moss. Groomsman shining shoes before wedding. Bridge and groom first look at Pine Grove Park in Milton, Nova Scotia Bridge and groom first look at Pine Grove Park in Milton, Nova Scotia Bride and groom walking through the forest at Pine Grove Park in Liverpool, Nova Scotia Groomsmen hand out birdseed to wedding guests for the recessional. Smiling wedding guests in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Father and bride walking to wedding on the Mersey River. Wedding ceremony on the Mersey River, Nova Scotia. Groom reading vows to bride. Mother of the groom drying tears of laughter at wedding. Wedding recessional with bird seed. Bride and groom with a tandem bicycle. Bride and groom walking through the fog at Western Head Lighthouse. Bride and groom walking the rocks at Western Head Lighthouse in Nova Scotia. Groom sweeping bride off her feet in front of Western Head lighthouse in Nova Scotia Bride and groom walking the pier at Moose Harbour in Nova Scotia. Bride and groom's matching wedding canoe paddles. An adult-sized version of Kerplunk keeps guests entertained at wedding cocktail hour. Groom and groomsmen with matching paddles form bachelor party canoe trip. Best man putting final touches on his wedding speech. Backyard wedding campfire with marshmallows under string lights. Nova Scotia backyard wedding under string lights with a camp fire.

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