After proposing to my girlfriend, giving her the ring she’s always wanted… I thought, hey, guys don’t get engagement rings, may as well get myself something nice to celebrate!

That’s when a friend sent me a link to Base Camp X. Turns out I had already seen their product over the summer while visiting the Taylor Statten Camps. All of the section directors were given these fine tools a couple of years back and only then did I make the connection between those axes and Graeme’s fine work.

Usually when I show cool stuff on the internet to my fiancée, I get shot down immediately. This time, she was just as stoked as I was. I knew she was on board. She worked with Graeme to make a slight modification, adding the date of our engagement. Graeme worked with Adam Gorham, a freelance comic artist out of Mississauga to handle the lettering.

When it arrived, my jaw dropped at the pure quality of this tool. I knew a photo was in order before taking this thing into the wild and putting it to work. I plan to have another photo of this axe in 50 years.

-“This isn’t your grandfather’s axe, it’s your grandson’s.”

Base Camp X - The Pioneer - AxeBase Camp X - The Pioneer - Details

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