Continuing on with the quest to shoot Hamilton’s waterfalls, we took a trip to Chedoke Falls. Upon arriving and discovering the top of the falls were not easily accessible, we traveled down the escarpment to work our way up from the bottom. Walked through a golf course, jumped over a broken fence and we were in to a nice gorge. A short 10 minute hike up some precarious rocks and we made it to Lower Chedoke Falls which presented some fine photo opportunities. However, plenty of shitty graffiti and empty Vex bottles strewn about ruined some of the angles. As it turns out, following the gorge up to Lower Chedoke will not allow you to get up to the main Chedoke Falls, so we had to save that one for another day on account of light and Cinqo de Mayo obligations (cold cervezas).

And a quick photo of the setup.


Walked along the trail at the Chedoke Golf Course / Chedoke Radial Trail…. and walked over a fallen fence near the catch basin at the bottom. From that point, you just follow the river up to the falls. Upper Chedoke is a bit more of a mission to get to, but definitely worth it. Be safe though, and do it at your own risk.

Beautiful, How did you get down there?

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