This was our second shoot with the Red One MX, getting to know the quirks and workflow of the beast.

We met up with Avi Kuper at an abandoned chicken farm in Mount Albert, ON for an afternoon of step downs and dirt jumps. Something new for myself on the photo side was testing the Broncolor Move 1200 with Pocket Wizard’s Hypersync technology. I’m happy to report that on full power, the pack was syncing at every speed on the Nikon D800, right up to 1/8000. The examples below in full sun were shot around 1/3200 with the pack on full power. This is going to open a lot of doors for mixing flash on location.


Sweet. Thanks for the fast reply. I tried something similar with my old Bron mobil pack with a speedlite, hss-triggering an optical slave, triggering a skyport or a long sync cable and it worked like a charm. This seems a bit easier, though. Don’t have the Flex units, but a set of Plus III’s which are very nice but have no hypersync 🙁 . As i have the Move 1200 on test for the next two weeks, i thought i might give this a try with both your method as well as my “old” trick.

Thanks! Used the Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 on-camera, and a Flex TT5 at the power pack.

Very nice, what pocketwizard components did you use to achieve hypersync?

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